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The Daughter of Keltoum-Movie Review 04/02/2010

Posted by Films to consider in Arabic language film, Drama, Emotional Drama, French language film, Movies.

The Daughter of Keltoum (Arabic/French) 2001

Winner, Kodak Award (Mehdi Charef), Mons International Festival of Love Films, Belgium

Written and directed by Mehdi Charef
Starring Cylia Malki, Baya Belal and Jean-Roger Milo

Rallia (Malki) is a young woman who leaves Switzerland to visit her homeland in Algeria from which she was adopted as an infant. She has returned to find her birth mother but meets up only with her aunt (Belai) and elderly grandfather. Rallia is frustrated by the harsh treatment of women in the tribal areas and by the inability to get things accomplished in what Westerners would consider a reasonable manner. Her world is turned upside down by what she finds out about herself.

A good story with beautiful views of the desert landscape. The music, especially during the closing credits, touched my soul.

101 min. Not rated. Adult themes.



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