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The Bothersome Man-Movie Review 09/14/2010

Posted by Films to consider in Dark Comedy, Movies, Norwegian language film.

The Bothersome Man (Norwegian) 2007

Among other awards:
Winner, Best Director; Best Actor (Aurvag); Best Screenplay, Amanda Awards (Norway’s Oscars)
Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival; Cannes Film Festival

From Film Movement. Directed by Jens Lien; starring Trond Fausa Aurvag.

A quirky, darkly comical commentary on life in modern Scandinavia. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Andreas (Aurvag) finds himself mysteriously transported to a new job and a new apartment in a new city. As his boss tells him, “It’s important that you’re happy.” At first Andreas goes along with the situation, but everything and everyone around him seems colorless and bland. Soon he discovers that most people have no emotional responses or sensual appreciation of the world.

Aurvag’s wide-eyed look is a good match for conveying Andreas’s growing reaction to what’s going on around him.

There are bloody scenes (as should be expected when someone gets hit by a train three times in a row).

90 min. Unrated. Bloody violence and some sexual content.



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