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Last Chance Harvey-Movie Review 12/18/2010

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Last Chance Harvey (American/British) 2008

Nominated, Best Actor (Hoffman); Best Actress (Thompson), Golden Globes

Written and directed by Joel Hopkins
Starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson

I promise that the following review does not contain the words “charming” or “bumbling;” feel free to insert them wherever you see fit.

Harvey Shine (Hoffman) is an aging advertising jingle writer about to be sent out to pasture. Long-divorced and not very involved with his daughter’s life, he travels to England to attend her wedding. By chance he meets Kate Walker, a never-married airport employee whose personal life revolves around helping her mother deal with her problems.

Harvey becomes smitten with Kate and starts to pursue her. The result is a love story that will probably appeal most to those of a certain age. As Harvey and Kate consider the possibility of a romantic relationship, Hoffman and Thompson seem very comfortable acting as a couple, making for an enjoyable (but not overly-compelling) story.

Although the movie’s usually listed as a romantic comedy, expect more smiles than outright laughs.

93 min. Rated PG-13.



1. wittecisms - 12/18/2010

I remember seeing this awhile ago and enjoying it. Your review is right on target!

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