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Solo Sunny-Movie Review *** 02/06/2011

Posted by Films to consider in Emotional Drama, German language film, Movies, Musical.

Solo Sunny (Germany) 1980

Winner, Silver Berlin Bear, Best Actress, Berlin Film Festival
Winner, Critics Award, FRIPESCI Prize, Berlin International Film Festival
Winner, Gold Plaque, Best Script, Chicago International Film Festival

Directed by Konrad Wolf and Wolfgang Kohlhaase
Written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase
Starring Renate Krössner

In East Germany, Sunny is a singer who is determined to become a star. When she becomes haunted by a melody, her new lover writes English lyrics for her. But Sunny doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. When she quits the group she’s been singing with, her life takes a downward turn. She has to remake her image and strike out in a new direction if she wants to continue in the business.

With depressing surroundings that are bleak and crumbling, the film realistically portrays the times that in turn mirror Sunny’s life. As she tries to figure out where she fits in, Sunny constantly changes her look and her music. While Renate Krössner’s personality is engaging enough to carry the film, the music is also very memorable.

Listen to the melody that haunted Sunny, performed by the Gunther Fischer band in 2008

If you’re NOT planning to watch the film, here’s the song, performed in 2008 by Regine Dobberschütz

102 min. Not rated. Some sexual content and language.



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