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The Last Stage-Movie Review *** 03/21/2011

Posted by Films to consider in Based on true story, Drama, Movies, Polish language film, World War II.

The Last Stage (Polish) 1948/2010
Ostatni Etap

Winner, Crystal Globe (Writers Jakubowska and Schneider), Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Nominated, Best Film, BAFTA Awards

Directed by Wanda Jakubowska
Written by Wanda Jakubowska and Gerda Schneider
Starring Edward Dziewonski, Tatjana Grojecka, Antonina Gordon Gorecka, Barbara Drapinska, Aleksandra Slaska

A black and white film about Auschwitz, based on true events and filmed soon after the happenings that are recorded. The film was recently rediscovered and released on DVD.

A group of women imprisoned in the Nazi camp band together to survive. One of the women, Marta Weiss (Drapinska), has been selected to act as interpreter.

The film is based on events in the life of director Wanda Jakubowska, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp. Considering how closely this film was to the actual events, the story is even more powerful and moving.

105 min. Unrated. Adult themes.



1. Kuba - 03/27/2011

The writeup for this film uses this statement ‘Polish Nazi camp’ which is offensive and incorrect. The Nazis established the camps on occupied Polish soil. The Nazis were German and not Polish as stated. Please correct the statement.

Films to consider - 03/27/2011

Thanks for pointing out. The label was not meant to indicate the nationality of the Nazis, but the location of the camp. No offense was intended. I changed the post.

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