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Vincere-Movie Review 07/06/2011

Posted by Films to consider in Based on true events, Emotional Drama, Italian language film, Movies.

Vincere (Italian) 2009

Among other awards and nominations:
WINNER, Best Director; Best Actress (Mezzogiorno); Best Actor (Timi); Best Cinematography (Daniele Cipri), Chicago International Film Festival
NOMINATED, Palme d’Or (Bellocchio), Cannes Film Festival
WINNER, Best Actress (Mezzogiorno); Best Cinematography (Cipri); Special Award ‘Stampa Estera’ (Bellocchio), Golden Globes, Italy

Directed by Marco Bellocchio
Starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Filippo Timi

Based on true events, a haunting film about dictator Benito Mussolini (Timi) and his relationship with Ida Dalser (Mezzogiorno), a woman who loved him with great passion and claimed to have had a child by him.

As Mussolini rises to prominence with the help of money Ida loaned him, he refuses to acknowledge her as the mother of his first-born son. The young Ida remains feisty and sure of her love, but she is eventually put into a mental institution. She tries to fight back but must face the fact that her son’s existence is also being denied by his father. She gradually declines into madness. The son, too, eventually loses touch with reality.

While some actual footage of Mussolini is included, overall the film has a feeling of the operatic about it, with lush music and backgrounds. Filippo Timi plays both father Benito and then son (also named Benito) in his young adult years. Giovanna Mezzogiorno, who was in Love in the Time of Cholera, gives another strong performance as a woman who must come to terms with love.

124 min. Rated R. Adult themes and sexual content.



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