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North Face-Movie Review 08/21/2011

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North Face (German) 2008

Based on the 1936 attempt to conquer the North Face of the Swiss Eiger

WINNER, Film Award in Gold, Best Cinematography; Best Sound, German Film Awards
WINNER, Best Cinematography; Best Screenplay, German Film Critics Award
NOMINATED, Golden Reel Award, Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA

Directed by Philipp Stölzl
Starring Benno Furman, Florian Lukas, Johnanna Wokalek, and Ulrich Tukur

Toni Kurz (Furman) and Andi Hinterstoisser (Lukas) are two young climbers determined to be the first team to conquer the North Face. Ironically, although they are not sympathizers with the Nazi regime, if they do conquer the “Murder Wall,” they will be lauded as German heroes.

With a mix of romance and adventure, along with atrocious weather conditions, this film made me once again wonder “Why???” while at the same time marveling at what mountain climbers undergo to get to the top.

I especially liked the character of Luise (Wokalek), a brave photojournalist who grew up with the two climbers and is in love with one of them. Her boss, the cold and calculating Henry is well played by Ulrich Tukur (from the Lives of Others).

The cinematography in this film is absolutely incredible; the view of the climbers is as if you are hanging nearby, watching these men make decisions between life and death.

121 min. Not rated. Intense scenes.



1. wittecisms - 08/21/2011

Talk about timing! I have this movie in my Netflix queue and was undecided about it. I am definitely getting the popcorn ready for this one tonight. Thanks for a great review – as always. You’ve led me to some really interesting films that I would surely have missed otherwise. I look forward to many more.

Films to consider - 08/27/2011

Let me know what you think of it.

2. Kandy Witte - 09/04/2011

Watched North Face – a real cliffhanger! (sorry). Seriously, this film had me from the beginning. The photography, the story line and the characters – major & minor – all excellently drawn. I’m looking forward to seeing others you’ve recommended.

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