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Paris, je t’aime-Movie Review 08/28/2011

Posted by Films to consider in Cannes Film Festival, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Dark Drama, Emotional Drama, French language film, Movies, Romance.

Paris, je t’aime (French) 2006

OFFICIAL SELECTION, Un certain regard, Cannes Film Festival

A collection of very short pieces by twenty noted directors, whose sole directive was to create a film with the theme Paris, je t’aime (Paris, I love you).

What they produced is a motley set of films characteristic of the individual directors: some are touching, some are funny, some are romantic, some are weird. The theme of “loving Paris” is sometimes approached from a very tangential angle.

Many familiar faces appear, such as Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood, Marianne Faithfull, and Juliette Binoche. Altogether, this is a very enjoyable DVD, and I don’t know that I’d be able to pick a favorite piece, since they are so very different. There were only a couple that I thought were not up to par with the majority.

Even the piece with mimes took an unusual approach that I could identify with (a prisoner begs to be released from the same jail cell as a pair of mimes).

There has since been a similar project, New York, I Love You, that I haven’t seen. The reviews are not as favorable.

120 min. Rated R. Language and drug use. Adult themes.


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