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Tulpan-Movie Review *** 09/04/2011

Posted by Films to consider in Asia Pacific Film Awards, British Film Institute Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Comedy, Kazakh/Russian language film, Light Drama, Movies, Sergey Dvortsevoy.

Tulpan (Kazakh/Russian) 2008

*** Highly recommended.

Among many wins and nominations:
WINNER, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival
WINNER, Best Film; NOMINATED, Achievement in Directing (Dvortsevoy), Asia Pacific Film Awards
WINNER, Sutherland Trophy, British Film Institute Awards
WINNER, Muhr Award, Best Actor (Kuchinchirekov), Dubai International Film Festival
WINNER, Feature Film Award, Montréal Festival of New Cinema

Directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy

Starring Askhat Kuchinchirekov, Ondasyn Besikbasov, and Tulepbergen Baisakalov

On the desolate Hunger Steppe in Kazakhstan, Asa (Kuchinchirekov) is looking for love and learning to be a shepherd. He gets questionable advice from Boni (Baisakalov), his good friend, who has gold-capped teeth and a fun-loving attitude toward life.

Asa is living in very close quarters with his sister Samal and her family, including her three endearing children; Samal’s husband Ondas (Besikbasov) is equally determined to see Asa set up his own household. Prospects are limited. The mysterious (and never seen) Tulpan is the only young woman in the region available for marriage, but she reportedly doesn’t like Asa’s big ears.

In this very funny, joyous, and touching story, viewers get an up-close and personal look at life on the harsh steppe, to the point of seeing sheep as they give birth and even get CPR of sorts from their human caretakers. A very worthwhile film and highly recommended.

100 min. Not rated. Younger kids might not want to watch some of the animal scenes.



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