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Nell-Movie Review 09/20/2011

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Nell (American) 1994

Among other awards and nominations:
NOMINATED, Best Actress (Foster), Academy Awards
WINNER, David Award, Best Foreign Actress (Foster), David di Donatello Awards, Italy
NOMINATED, Best Motion Picture-Drama; Best Original Score-Motion Picture; Best Actress-Drama (Foster), Golden Globes
WINNER, Outstanding Performance in Lead Role (Foster), Screen Actors Guild Awards

Directed by Michale Apted
Starring Jodie Foster, Liam Neeson, and Natasha Richardson

Dr. Lovell (Neeson) is a mild-mannered medical doctor who happens upon wild-child Nell (Foster), a young woman raised entirely away from civilization. He battles the system to do what’s best for her. The late Natasha Richardson (who married Neeson in 1994) plays Paula Olsen, a research psychologist who changes her mind about Nell, and about Dr. Lovell.

I happened upon this film and am glad I did. Jodie Foster is one of my favorite actors, and her performance as Nell is outstanding. Her character’s mother had been raped as a younger woman; Nell and her identical twin (who died at an early age) were the products of the rape. Nell was raised alone by her mother, who had several strokes resulting in a slurred speech pattern that affected Nell’s. Also, like many twins, Nell had developed a secret language with her sister. Foster’s interpretation of Nell’s language was hauntingly beautiful, almost poetic.

112 min. Rated PG-13. Some brief nudity.



1. themovieblog8 - 09/24/2011

I’ve never even heard of it. Good review!

Films to consider - 09/28/2011


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