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The Secret in Their Eyes-Movie Review *** 12/04/2011

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The Secret in their Eyes (Argentinian) 2009 ***
El Secreto de Sus Ojos

Among many other awards and nominations:
WINNER, Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards
WINNER, Best Film; Best Director (Campanella); Best Actor (Darín); Best Actress (Villamil); Best Screenplay Adaptation, and others, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Argentina
WINNER, Audience Award, Best Foreign Film, Turia Awards, Spain
WINNER, Best Foreign Film, César Awards, France

Directed by Juan José Campanella
Starring Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, and Pablo Rago

Billed as a mystery, a long-lost-love story, and a thriller, and excellent on all three counts!

Benjamín (Darín) is a retired federal court investigator who is writing a novel about a case that haunted him for twenty-five years. In Buenos Aires, the young wife of Ricardo Morales (Rago) was brutally raped and murdered. The case was eventually solved and the guilty party was captured but, not long after, he was released from prison in exchange for becoming a hitman for corrupt politicians. Benjamín was outraged about the injustice but could do nothing about it.

When Benjamín returns to his former department to do further research, he meets up with his chief Irene (Villamil), now a prestigious judge, and feelings of love are rekindled.

The film flashes seamlessly between past and present, and comes to a fitting and (in one aspect) chilling conclusion.

Highly recommended.

129 min. Rated R. Rape scene, violent images, graphic nudity, and language.



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