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Backbeat-Movie Review 07/07/2013

Posted by dbinder in Based on true events, Beatles, Biographical, British, Movies.
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BACKBEAT (British) 1994

Directed by Iain Softley
Starring Ian Hart, Stephen Dorff, and Sheryl Lee

A look at the Beatles tour of Hamburg, just as they are about to burst into stardom. While following the teenage musicians as they get their first tastes of success, this movie focuses on the relationship-almost-love-triangle between John Lennon (Hart), his very close friend from Liverpool, Stu Sutcliffe (Dorff), and German photographer Astrid Kircherr (Lee). Stu must choose between his place in the band and his love for painting and for Astrid, but he comes to a tragic end.

I have watched several Beatles-related movies lately, and while this is not one of the best, and is criticized as not totally historically accurate, Backbeat does shed some light on the band’s early days. Astrid’s black and white photographs of those times have become iconic. She was interviewed for the movie as was Klaus Voormann, her musician-artist friend, who remained tangentially connected with the Beatles.

Not a big award winner, either; check the few here.

100 min. Rated R.



1. CMSmith - 07/10/2013

This is the review I thought I commented on, but I could be wrong. This movie looks interesting to me. Thanks for reviewing it. Where do you get your movies from?

dmbinder - 07/21/2013

I’ve seen several Beatles-related movies lately – watch for a few more posts in the near-future. This was not the best of the bunch, but I thought focusing on the friendship between John Lennon and Stu Sutcliffe was a
different angle.

I get movie ideas from awards and movie websites, DVD trailers, and other blogs I follow and/or visit. I have such a long list of films I want to see that I’m considering setting up another new page on this blog and posting them there. The list grows by the day . . .

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