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The Human Resources Manager-Movie Review 10/28/2012

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The Human Resources Manager (Israeli) 2010

From Film Movement
Directed by Eran Riklis
Starring Mark Ivanir, Noah Silver, Rosian Kambus, and Gila Almagor

Among other awards and nominations:
WINNER, Best Director (Riklis), Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Supporting Actress (Kambus), NOMINATED, Best Actor (Ivanir), Awards of the Israeli Film Academy

A surprisingly touching story about an unnamed man who is Human Resources Manager at a large bakery company in Jerusalem. After a female employee from Romania is killed in a suicide bombing, the man must make some PR gestures that end up getting him much more involved than he wants to be.

Director Riklis is known for 2004’s The Syrian Bride (which I’d also recommend). Although this story might not be of quite the same caliber, it is laced with wry humor and emotional moments that make it worthwhile. Star Mark Ivanir might seem familiar; he has appeared in a long list of films and TV series.

103 min. Not rated. Suitable for teens.


Strangers-Movie Review 01/24/2012

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Strangers (English/French/Hebrew/Arabic) 2007

NOMINATED, Grand Jury Prize, World Cinema-Dramatic (Tadmor & Nattiv), Sundance Film Festival
WINNER, Most Promising Actress (Azabal), Jerusalem Film Festival
NOMINATED, Best Actor (Levo), Awards of the Israeli Film Academy
NOMINATED, International Jury Award (Tadmor & Nattiv), São Paolo International Film Festival

Directed by Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv
Starring Liron Levo and Lubna Azabal

An unlikely couple meets when they accidentally pick up each other’s backpack on a train in Berlin. The attraction they have for each other seems destined to go nowhere: Eyal (Levo) is Israeli and Rana (Azabal) is Palestinian. As both get caught up in the fervor surrounding the six days of the 2006 World Cup Soccer finals, their passionate affair develops into something that changes their lives.

Despite the odds against Eyal and Rana’s relationship, Levo and Azabal manage to create a very believable couple. Not overly long itself, this film was based on a short version that previously won at Sundance.

81 min. Not rated. Adult themes and sexual content.