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The Wind Journeys-Movie Review *** 02/17/2012

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The Wind Journeys (South American/Spanish) 2009 ***
Los viajes del viento

WINNER, Golden Precolombian Circle, Best Colombian Film; Best Director (Guerra), Bogota Film Festival
WINNER, Award of the City of Rome (Guerra), Cannes Film Festival
WINNER, Colombian Cinema Award, Best Director (Guerra); Best Film; WINNER, Golden India Catalina, Best Colombian Film, Cartagena Film Festival
WINNER, Best Spanish Language Film, Santa Barbara International Film Festival

From Film Movement
Written and directed by Ciro Guerra
Starring Marciano Martinez

Ignacio (Martinez) feels cursed to spend his life as a wandering troubadour because he thinks that the accordion he plays is controlled by the devil. When he makes a last journey to return the instrument to his elderly teacher, he is followed by Fermin, a young man who envies the life Ignacio leads. The pair must travel a great distance, through beautifully sweeping and varying landscapes. Their stops at villages along the way provide opportunities for music and glimpses into other traditions of the region.

Ignacio is played by Marciano Martinez, composer of hit songs in the vallenato tradition. Vallenato is “born of the valley” folk music from the Caribbean region of Colombia. The spirited and emotional music originated as a means for farmers to deliver the news of the valley in song form.

Highly recommended.

Here’s a taste of Martinez’s music.

117 min. Not rated.


Amar a Morir-Movie Review *** 12/24/2011

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Amar a Morir (Mexican/Spanish) 2009 ***
Love Til Death

NOMINATED, Best Director-Film (Lebrija), Imagen Foundation Awards
WINNER, Best Spanish Language Film (Lebrija), Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Directed by Fernando Lebrija
Starring José María de Tavira, Martina García, and Alberto Estrella

The young Alejandro (de Tavira) wants no part of the life his powerful businessman father has planned for him. He leaves Mexico City and ends up in the tiny seaside town of Ocelotitl. There he meets the beautiful Rosa (García) and falls in love.

For two entertaining hours, the film alternates between the budding romance of the charismatic couple and exciting action scenes as they try to escape the vicious clutches of The Tiger (Estrella), a wealthy man who controls the lives of the town’s citizens.

Highly recommended.

120 min. Rated R (violence and adult themes).