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Looking for more information about films?

Internet Movie Database
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars)
Golden Globe Awards
Film Independent Spirit Awards
Tribeca Film Festival

To see what other moviegoers think, check out the Rotten Tomatoes website

Others suggest:
Here are some suggestions from others that I might not have seen yet.
MaryAnne L. suggests:
The Edukators, with Julia Jentsch (who’s also in Sophie Scholl)
The Edge of Heaven (from the director of Head-On)
Yesterday Girl

John S.
Brassed Off with Ewan MacGregor
About a Boy with Toni Collette

Joe D.
Big Night
The Postman
Five Card Stud (plot similar to Night of the Hunter)

From my writer friends:

Visit Christine M. Grote’s website to learn about her recent book, Dancing in Heaven, a memoir to honor her severely disabled sister.

For current films:
Visit the MetroActive column of Richard von Busack, the friend of a friend

Check out Tattered Film Palace, a blog about film.


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