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Greetings and welcome to my blog about films (and the occasional printed matter).

For the most part, Films to Consider posts consist of brief synopses of movies that I recommend. I watch a variety of films, domestic and foreign, and often suggest titles of those I like to friends. I’ll give a *** rating to films I especially liked, but that rating will be used sparingly, and its lack doesn’t mean the title isn’t worthwhile.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Dorothy Binder

All posts by the author are copyrighted and may only be reprinted with permission.

4/19 Please note that I am no longer an Amazon affiliate. I am gradually removing the links to Amazon listing of movies. Clicking on the link provided under “For more info:” might no longer take you to its Amazon listing.


1. Charlette Gordon - 06/12/2010

This is a great site. I will add it to my favorites. Thak you Dorothy.

Dorothy Binder - 06/24/2010

Thanks, Charlette. Let me know if you have any DVD suggestions.

2. Helen M. McDonough - 07/03/2010

I really enjoy reading your blog. It encourages me to see films which I
probably would not have chosen before reviewing your site. Thanks….

filmstoconsider - 07/03/2010

Thanks, Helen! Let me know if you have any DVD suggestions to add.

3. stixcat - 11/10/2011

hi dottie – you said this would be easy – STIX

Films to consider - 11/12/2011

Oh, dear!

4. CMSmith - 07/27/2012

I finally made it over here, Dottie. I’m subscribing through my Google Reader if I’m able. It’s a wonderful reference when I’m looking for something new.

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