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The Sound of the Spirit-Movie Review 03/30/2013

Posted by Films to consider in Emotional Drama, Light Drama.

The Sound of the Spirit (American) 2011
Written and directed by Michael Robert Wolf
Starring Anna Lasbury and Nicky Blavitz

Rivka is a twelve-year-old girl immersed in the usual issues of adolescence. After a life-changing event, she finds herself in a spiritual dilemma when she has to reconcile the Messianic Jewish beliefs of her own family with the traditional beliefs of her relatives.

A film for this spring season of renewal, The Sound of the Spirit presents a serious topic told with some appropriately lighthearted moments. Although the story focuses on a particular religion, Rivjka’s struggle is relevant to anyone who goes “against the grain.”

Produced by a Messianic community in the Midwest, the movie’s script and direction make the story very compelling. Anna Lasbury is likewise compelling as the emotionally vulnerable–but very articulate– young Rivka.

131 min. Not rated. Suitable for preteens through adult.



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